Christ Church – Who we are

Summary Statement
Christ Church: Jesus led, Spirit empowered, Grace based
A people who belong to God: Matt 22:37
Loving God and others: Matt 22:37
Disciples who make disciples: Matt 28:19
A people who pray and proclaim the kingdom: Matt 6:10, Acts 28:31
We aim to be an authentic Acts 2 church and in general this means we are: Vision-1

Our Values

Worship centred
Everything we have is from God and out of His love for us – we owe Him everything! In response to His generosity we give our whole lives as an offering to Him. This is what we were created for – to worship God and reflect His glory.
Mission Shaped
God has a mission to save His lost and broken world, and to bring all things back to himself under the authority of Jesus. That is why he sent Jesus. This mission continues through His church, empowered by the Holy Spirit. Christ Church is excited to be part of this mission. Everything we do is shaped with those outside the church in mind.
Grace based
We are people who seek to demonstrate by our lives that we understand that what Christ did for us on the cross was entirely sufficient, to bring us back into relationship with God and to share his risen life. We are therefore compelled to extend His grace to others.
Word Rooted
We believe that the Bible is God’s Word and carries His authority. Through the Bible God has revealed to us what He is like and this is primarily how He continues to speak to us today. God’s Word is amazing- it brings life, freedom and wisdom!
Spirit Empowered
We experience the love of God and meet with the risen Jesus through the Holy Spirit. We are empowered in our calling by the work of the Spirit in the fruit He produces in us and the gifts described in the New Testament. It is by the Spirit that we become more and more like Jesus – free, secure, courageous, faithful, caring, generous and joyful.
Transforming community
We are invited into God’s family of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is a transforming community – where we experience the transforming love of God through one another and seek to transform the community around us. Jesus’ call to love, serve and form healthy relationships with each other is at the heart of who we are at Christ Church – a call that is costly and requires commitment. It means we need to have deep fellowship: being real, sharing our lives honestly, valuing everyone, and building healthy biblical relationships.
Prayer Dependent
A lifestyle of corporate and personal prayer that shows our dependence upon the Holy Spirit