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Services in 2019

Dear Christ Church,

We are celebrating all that God has done in and through us over the last 160 years and next Sunday, the 13th January, begins our new journey of meeting at the Centre and School. A year that we can expect to discover and encounter God in a new and deeper way. As we look at God’s faithfulness over the years we can see His faithfulness into the future for us. For as it says in
1 Thessalonians 5 v 24, “the One who calls you is faithful and He will do it”.

This journey is only possible through your generosity and the blessing of God. It is as we are responding to His call that He enables us to move forward. As we grow during this year God is going to continue to speak to us, to challenge us, to change us, to show us His healing and His grace, and above all, still be a beacon of hope and joy for this community. While we pray, we will see miracles and transformations and we will need to show even more of God’s grace to each other.

During this year we will discover more of God’s promises and encounter His presence for us. It will be an opportunity to understand that our buildings are just an amazingly great resource for our vision. Our vision, which is to see the Kingdom of God come here in Ware, and His blessing in this town, and well beyond, that people may know freedom, hope, life, healing, grace, and joy.

It is a real privilege that it is our church family that is having this adventure together. It is amazing that together we continue to support God’s blessings, to continue to be a part of His blessings, and to enable here a legacy to be left for generations to come. “For generation to generation”, says the Lord, “I will be faithful to those who pray to me, to those who seek me.” For generation to generation to know the wonderful works of the Lord, so that they might be able to follow Him and speak His wonderful grace for years to come.

For generation to generation, to not just know rumours of God’s presence and what He has done, but to see them happen once again in our day. To see the wells of blessing at Christ Church be reopened to bless this community and beyond, and new ones to be discovered that the people of God may always know God’s presence, support, His love, His grace, His smile, His joy and delight over them.

It is therefore with so much gratitude that I thank you for your partnership in the Gospel, in this generation, in this time, in this moment. And it is with my prayers for all of us in this journey together in its challenges and its changes that we seek God’s face and seek that transformation. And that on our 161st birthday that we move back into the church enabling the ministry to continue and the community to come, connect and be blessed.

With my prayers for all of you.


Sunday mornings at Christ Church in 2019

The church building has served the Ware community for 160 years, it is now time for refurbishment which brings exciting opportunities for Christ Church!

Christ Church will continue to extend a warm welcome throughout 2019 as we meet in the Church Centre and School Hall. Every effort will be made to hold services in the way they have been in church, but there will be a need for compromise in some areas and activities.

Our first Sunday in the temporary church locations will be 13th January 2019. The 9.15am service will meet in the Main Hall of the Church Centre and 11am service will meet in Christ Church School Hall.

9.15am Service

• Park in the church car park, access from New Road
• Service in the Church Centre Main Hall
• Tea & coffee in the Memorial Hall
• Please do not take drinks out of the Memorial Hall

11am Service

• Park in the school playground, access from Bowling Road
• Service in Christ Church School Hall
• The service will be relayed to a nearby classroom.
• Tea & coffee in the school dining room
• Please do not take drinks out of the dining room

All seating in the school hall will need to be used – please sit furthest from the door first. If you need assistance please ask the wardens, side persons or welcome team for help. The 11am service will be relayed to a classroom where anyone is welcome to listen. Please do not take buggies and push chairs into the school hall.

Children and Youth Groups

The children and youth groups will meet as follows:
Crèche – Memorial Hall
Bubbles – School classroom
Splash – School dining room
Extreme – Church Centre main hall
Youth – Youth wing

These arrangements are the starting point, they will be under constant review during the year with adjustments made as necessary.

‘Where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.’ Matthew 18:20



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