Expanding Christ Church for the Community of Ware

Christ Church is a lively, growing Christian community that serves individuals and groups, of all faiths and none, in the town of Ware and beyond. People of all ages, stages and backgrounds are welcome and there is something for everyone from seniors to babies and all ages in-between. Each person has something to bring that will add colour and creativity to the church family and it is our desire that everyone feels welcomed and accepted and finds a place of belonging and fulfilment.

We are a busy church, very active in our community. Our activities include running a Christians Against Poverty Debt Centre, social support for single-parent families, events and activities for children and young people, parent and toddler groups and pastoral and social support for older people. We also provide meeting space and welcome to a local group of Syrian refugees and hope to be able to offer all these groups more space to meet on a regular basis.

Our problem is, we are running out of space! We have to turn away many local community groups who are seeking space to deliver their services and our town lacks a large venue for weddings, exhibition space etc.

Our aim is to provide:
• A special place – where people feel the presence of God and are at peace
• A gathering place – used for meetings, concerts, plays, exhibitions as well as worship.
• A welcoming place – where people feel welcomed and want to welcome others.
• An inviting place – where those who are strangers to church can enter and feel at home.
• An inclusive place – where people with disabilities do not feel second class citizens or have to overcome barriers to get in.
• A connecting place – bringing people together in a safe and supportive environment
• A sustainable place – environmentally friendly – we aim to investigate ways to reduce the energy used by employment of:
o additional insulation and a better heat distribution system,
o low energy plant
o use of low energy and sustainable, ‘A rated’ / green materials where possible.

Help with our Building Fund

Over the past year we have managed to raise about a quarter of what is required through the generosity of our church members and the imaginative fundraising efforts of our supporters.  We are now reaching out to a wider community who might be in a position to contribute to this project for the benefit of the town of Ware.

If you would like more information about the project please contact any of our team or if you would like to make a donation, please go to our page: https://www.give.net/christchurchdevelopment

Many thanks