Methods of giving to Christ Church

Collection Boxes at Services
We usually have a brown wooden box near where the service sheets are given out, and you are welcome to place cash and cheques (made out to ‘Christ Church, Ware PCC’) in this box. If the gift is for a particular cause, please put it in a sealed envelope stating what the gift is for.
There are usually some pre-printed envelopes alongside the boxes for use if you wish the money to be ‘Gift Aided’ and you have not signed an enduring Gift Aid Declaration.
We do not normally pass a plate round the congregation during our popular services.
Standing Orders for Regular Gifts from your Bank Account
It greatly assists our treasurer and helpers when regular gifts are made by Banker’s Standing Order, preferably monthly. Forms are available in the leaflet holder to the left of the main entrance to the church for you to send to your bank, or you can set up a standing order directly with your bank either by telephone or internet banking using these account details:

Account Name: Christ Church, Ware PCC
Account Number: 00086783
Sort Code: 40-52-40
Bank Name CAF Bank

Please also use a Gift Aid Declaration form if you are a taxpayer, as that will authorise us to ask HMRC and the Government to add 25% to every gift you make to Christ Church under the Gift Aid scheme. You can read more about Gift Aid here on the HMRC website.

‘Give As You Earn’ via an Employer’s Payroll
Larger employers support giving to charities by their employees by allowing employees to send sums deducted from their gross pay (before income tax is deducted) to registered charities. This has similar benefits to Gift Aid; it saves the charity having to claim the 25% from HMRC, but there is a handling charge deducted (though generous employers increase the gifts to cover this).
Contact your company payroll department to define what you want forwarded from your payslip; our charity name is Christ Church, Ware PCC. You can read more about payroll giving here on HMRC’s website.
Numbered Envelopes
Contact the office if you would like a set of monthly gift envelopes for regular cash gifts, especially if such cash gifts are to be under Gift Aid. These envelope sets have a personal number printed on them, making the gifts anonymous to everyone except the Finance Team.
Donate Online
You can donate to Christ Church online at any time at:
CAFs, Impact, Stewardship Services and other Charitable Trusts
Cheques, Vouchers and Standing Orders from such trusts already include reclaimed tax, and are welcomed. Please write Christ Church, Ware PCC for the payee to enable us to receive the sum from the Trust.
How to Contact the Treasurer
Either by email at or via the church office. The name of the current treasurer is printed on the Sunday notice sheets.
There is also a pigeon-hole for letters to the Treasurer (in the middle of the bottom row) to the right of the main entrance of the church, as you enter.