Our 9:15am service is in the traditional style with a little more structure with the word, prayers, liturgy and hymns at the heart of the service. The service is conducted using the hymn book and service card that you will have been given when you came in. Occasional it will be on the screen as well. On the third Sunday of each month there is communion with prayer ministry available during and after the service. Please join us for refreshments after the service. It is a great way to get to meet new people.

From Sunday 13th January 2019 until mid November our service is held in the church hall whilst the church is being refurbished.


We welcome all to the Lords table who believe in our Lord Jesus Christ.
You will be directed when to go forward to receive.
If you wish to have a blessing, rather than communion, please keep your hands at your side.
We offer gluten free wafers- please ask when receiving.
We welcome to the Lord’s table those children who have already been admitted.