What is Men’s ministry all about?
A place where men can be men, have fun and talk about bloke things such as cars, sport, faith, the universe and everything in it.
We offer events to encourage, through fellowship, the Christian men at CCW in our walk with Jesus.
To give opportunities to bring friends to social events, to build and deepen relationships, eventually leading them to Christ.
To give a series of events that other church ministries can feed into; including a place where husbands and partners of ladies can meet Christian men.

IMG_0423Men Active During the Day (MADD)

The aim of MADD is to allow men; to enjoy social contact with other men, to provide an opportunity for Christian fellowship and promoting the mission of Christ Church among men who are not in full-time employment, who may have finished full-time work (retired), working part- time or between jobs and seeking future employment and have the desire to be active during the working day, making appropriate use of the talents in the group.
The group provides the opportunity for such men; to enjoy Christian fellowship, be a resource or team available to support activities and events at Christ Church and provide help and support to other groups in the church. Also to participate in appropriate social events that are of interest to them.

Focus areas
The group focuses on the following three areas:

  1. Encourage Christian living among the men of the group promoting the mission vision of Christ Church; Jesus led, Spirit empowered, Grace based. To actively encourage members to develop their Christian lives by involvement in a wide number of aspects of Christ Church life.
  2. Supporting activities and events at CC by the use of the; skills, experience, knowledge and talents of the men in the group. For example taking responsibility for the administration and/or logistics of events being held by the church.To use the resources of MADD to support other activities at CCW; individual members of the church and groups associated to CCW, e.g. Love Ware – Live Ware, Christians Against Poverty and Oasis.The opportunity for providing practical support is wide. CCW has signed up as a ‘Lighthouse Church’ for the Samaritan’s Purse UK Disaster Response Mission; in the event of an incident (particularly in the southeast), CCW men would be among the first to respond. CCW has a number of mission partners in the UK and beyond, practical support for them is an option that may be considered.All practical work is assessed to ensure that it is within the capability and skills level of the team, safe to carry out and does not breach Health and safety regulations or legislation permanent to that activity.
  3. Provide an opportunity for men to participate in appropriate social events. These will include; walks or rambles, attendance at sporting events or places of interest.

flomar_Football_(soccer)Christ Church also runs a football team who play in the East and West Herts Christian League and cup competition. Training is midweek with matches on Saturday mornings. If you are interested please talk to Rob Boulton 07867784633 or Danny Griffiths 07966291432