Midweek-1Midweek is open to all women, gathering on Wednesday mornings during term time. It’s a time for bible study, prayer, worship and support, where women can be encouraged and equipped to do the work of the Kingdom, whether in the Church, the home, the workplace or community. A place where friendships can develop and deepen, and the nitty gritty of life can be shared.

We meet from 9.15am to 11.15am in the Church Centre. With 9.15am to 9.45am for coffee and fellowship, 9.45am to 11.15am for worship, study and prayer time when a crèche is also available.
If you are a woman, you are around on a Wednesday morning and your preference is for an all women group, then Midweek is for you. Come and join us, you’ll be very welcome.
For more information contact women@christchurchware.co.uk or the church office on 01920 487267

WedWelcome-1Anyone in the vicinity of Christ Church on the fourth Wednesday of each month at about 2:15pm will see a steady stream of ladies walking towards the Church Centre. They like to arrive early for the meeting which begins at 2:30pm. Some ladies will arrive by car as a few of us still drive and we bring with us people who can no longer walk very far. Other church members who are not Wednesday Welcome members also provide transport.

The aim of this meeting is to encourage people to continue in the Christian faith. The ladies can look back on years of Sunday School and church attendance to the days when the clergy and perhaps Church Army sisters were the only people deemed qualified to speak about Christianity; when faith was something private between the believer and God. Recently some of these ladies have been telling their life stories. Some grew up in great poverty. Some have known much tragedy. Some have had, and still have, severe ill health. Two world wars have had an impact on their lives. Some have had a smooth journey through life. Most have been content to be wives and mothers and only a few have professional qualifications.

But a casual visitor would never know there had been any suffering because these ladies do not grumble: they count their blessings. Problems are only discussed privately with sympathetic listeners.

When we meet we share news and prayer requests. We sing hymns. Someone leads in prayer and there is a Bible reading and a Bible based talk. Quite often the speaker is a member of Christ Church. There has been long-term support for the Leprosy Mission and we make occasional gifts to individuals who work overseas. Knitted blankets and jumpers are sent to East Africa via “Containers of Hope”.

One could say that Wednesday Welcome is more of a network than a meeting as there is a good deal of unseen ministry, e.g., friendship for the housebound, support for the sick, hospital visiting, being good neighbours, being ambassadors of Jesus Christ here on earth.

There are the informal events: a Summer Lunch, an Old-Fashioned Tea and, perhaps best of all, in June, we enjoy tea in a beautiful garden hosted by one of our church members.

The Women’s Ministry at Christ Church focuses on building relationships across the church by holding a number of different events to encourage women of different ages and stages, to gather together and share in fellowship with one another and with God.

Following the pattern of  previous years, meals out are organised in local restaurants, both in the evening and at lunchtime to cater for those who are around in the day.  An occasional breakfast with speaker, pamper afternoon and other events.  Events attract between 35 and 45 women each time and are proving to be a great environment for women to connect both those who have been part of the church for years, and those who are new to the church looking to get to know people.

A group of women attend the New Wine Women’s Conference at Westminster Hall, London annually, where we were inspired by great worship and teaching.

As we journey together we would be delighted to welcome you as we explore different ways to understand who God is, develop our relationship with him and become all that God has created us to be. Watch out for further details as they unfold.